Bryson's Furniture Consignment

Frequently Asked Questions:

What we do

Bryson’s carefully selects merchandise from consignors all over Jacksonville and beyond. We choose wisely so that our customers get the best merchandise for a great price. If agreed, we place our consignor’s merchandise in our showroom and the items sell themselves for the most part.

What is consignment: 

Consignment requires a Contract which allows Bryson’s to sell our consignor’s (aka Sellers) merchandise with set markdowns. Once the items sell, we split the proceeds 50/50.

How will I get my furniture to Bryson's:

We have great working relationships with a few local movers that covers most of Jacksonville and surrounding areas. You do not have to pay upfront. We will pay your upfront fees and will wait until your items sell, then our system will automatically reimburse us for the delivery charge.

What if my items do not sell:

After 95 days you will have the option to retrieve your items OR we can donate them to the charity of your choice.  We continue to have a great relationship with our consignors and we are able to sell over 98% of the furniture we consign.